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Expert treatment to enhance functional ability, improve quality of life, and ensure every client has the chance to reach their full movement potential.

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"It has been so good to find a physiotherapist who is sympathetic to my needs for support after a traumatic brain injury. Also I have found the help in doing programmes that can be used for muscular skeletal problems manageable to what I am able to do."

Brain Injury and Orthopaedic client

Programme-Tailored Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is rarely used in isolation. For our clients, it is often part of a range of treatments by other professionals and support for living as independently as possible. That’s why we develop co-ordinated rehabilitation programmes with other health and care professionals to ensure care is ‘joined up’ and supports long-term as well as immediate movement goals.

Our aim is to promote movement recovery and to provide support to achieve independence. We assess and review outcomes regularly, to demonstrate progress towards client goals and ensure that the programmes remain fresh and engaging.

For Adults

We work with clients to assess movement abilities and identify the key aims for physiotherapy. We work towards client- led goals and re-evaluate outcomes and progress periodically.

We can work with clients in a variety of locations depending on their goals and work with other professionals where appropriate to achieve these. We can set up programmes for clients who can work independently or for those who require support from family or carers to undertake their programmes.

For Children and Young People

We place the child or young person at the centre of our therapy plans and work with them and their parents and carers to ensure that their physical development continues to progress as they grow.

Our focus is that children and young people are supported to be part of their wider community and that posture and mobility is managed in ways that support this. We assess and advise in relation to strength, stretches, mobility and equipment to ensure that the child or young person maintains joint alignment, improves strength and is able to engage in activities that are important to them.

We work with the client, their families, school and other professionals who are working with them, to ensure that everyone is supporting the client in a consistent way, to achieve their goals.